The izanami

The Izanami Project offers a sustainable digital social infrastructure based on a circulation-based community revitalization system that uses points and cryptocurrencies.

The Izanami Project:White paper lite version.

The izanami

The Izanami Project offers a sustainable digital social infrastructure based on a circulation-based community revitalization system that uses points and cryptocurrencies.

We are currently at a historic turning point in creating the financial structure of the future.

SYMONS Co., Ltd. provides solutions by developing a social infrastructure, where communities take the lead and the individuals in these communities act as agents of change to revitalize the local economy.


SYMONS Co., Ltd. has established a new “Symons Lab” and is in process of building a sustainable digital social infrastructure, based on a circulation-based community revitalization system. The “Symons Lab” is focused on expanding this system in a more flexible and sustainable way and creating a decentralized local economy.

The Izanami System

Izanami points and Izanami tokens:Support sustainable community development by creating an ecosystem based on a cryptocurrency economy utilizing “Izanami points (stable points or stable coins)” and “Izanami tokens” that can be used as governance tokens and for asset management

Izanami point issuance system:Allows service entities to issue their original points by providing a point system for services provided by local governments, companies, and communities

Marketing tool for Izanami Point usage trends:A tool that divides customer trends associated with the points of each service entity into five layers (national, prefectural, municipal, corporate, and service provider/store) to understand member behavior patterns at each layer and utilize them for marketing purposes

Client application:A tool that provides membership services and commerce where customers can use Dapps (decentralized applications) to manage and redeem their points

Microfinance:Provides microfinance services using the Izanami points and tokens which will be introduced to decentralized applications by having partnership with various Dapps projects

Blockchain implementation and the potential of The isanami

The business model offered by SYMONS Co., Ltd. has already been deployed in the market and has begun to be introduced to and deployed in local governments.

The model has been embedded into the social infrastructure by introducing unique marketing methods and consolidating SYMONS’ experience and expertise, cultivated over many years.

The company’s corporate philosophy is ” from competition to symbiosis, ” and its business model has been developed focusing on the social impacts. The company’s main business domain, “community revitalization,” is bearing fruit and the introduction of blockchain methods will further accelerate these efforts.

Embracing the ancient Japanese concept of “sampo yoshi” (win-win-win relationship), SYMONS has always supported the local communities by donating expired points. Now that the time is ripe to provide solutions, it is the perfect time to introduce the blockchain methods.

By introducing blockchain methods, we have high confidence that this project will lead to increased growth and expanded business model.

The Izanami Project:White paper lite version.

Symons Lab

SYMONS Co., Ltd. launched “Symons Lab” started a “sustainable circulation-based community revitalization system featuring a point system” utilizing blockchain technology.

The Symons Lab is looking for new partners and dynamic team members for advancing the Izanami Project. If you are interested in working with us or becoming a part of our team, please contact us using the inquiry form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Name of Company SYMONS Co., Ltd.
establishment December 25, 2002
capital stock 98.15 million yen
President and Representative Director Mitsuru Saikawa
Head Office Address 〒103-0023
Nihonbashi Ginzo Building 5F, 4-3-10 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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